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Our very own Banjo is appearing in the 2014 PuppyBowl on Animal Planet TV Feb 2, 2 PM EST.  This video is from CBS News Philly just prior to his Animal Planet debut. And the photo (provided by Animal Planet) is from the tailgating set of this year's PuppyBowl. He's the freckle-faced cutie front and center. Go Banjo!

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Bo and Ms. Beanz are inseparable. Both are Certified Therapy Pets and Bo is a Certified Canine Good Citizen. They travel with us for work, take long trips in our car (short ones, too), stay in hotels, and love exploring new places. Although Ms. Beanz is leash trained, she can't keep up with Bo so she often rides in her stroller. Bo and Ms. Beanz even like to go canoeing with us!
In April 2012 we expanded our family. On April 7, Banjo arrived. Banjo is a rescue from a South Carolina kill shelter. He is probably a Brittany/Border Collie mix but no one is certain. He was a stray and who now has a forever home. We're proud to say we saved his life and that he is enjoying life with his new family.
On April 19, Lady Bug arrived. She was 8 weeks old when she joined our family. She is an orange and white tabby and we have no idea what breed of cat she is (tabby is evidently a pattern, not a breed). Ms. Beanz took a few weeks to accept a new cat into the family but now the two cats and two dogs are always together and playing. What a fun house this is! 
In the future, we'll have new books about the Fabulous Four.  learn even more about Bo in his book for adult readers. Bo's adventures will make you laugh and cry. He was once on the run for 6 weeks with crews of people trying to capture him. Bo had been shot on more than one occasion with more than one kind of firearm. Read about his resourcefulness, his bravery, and his desire to survive. Learn why we call him the "world's best dog in the world".
Please enjoy this website and check back often for updates on the adventures of Bo and Ms. Beanz.

Now you can read about the daily adventures of Bo and Ms. Beanz in their first children's book (recommended for ages 7-9) Bo and Ms. Beanz, Best Friends Forever.

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